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Please select your game first and read through the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the game. If you cannot find an answer to your question, we are at your disposal via the support form so that you can get in touch with our team as quickly as possible and find a solution.
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1. How do I pay for the rubies that I buy in the game here?
The payment via your smartphone or tablet is handled as with other purchases through iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. If your chosen payment method is not accepted or you have further questions regarding payment, then you should first contact the relevant partner.
2. How can I back up, change or delete my account?
We recommended that you secure your account under "settings" with an email address and a password chosen by you. This is possible on all devices regardless of the platform and operating system. You can then start a new game on another device. For the next step you will have to play through the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, you can find the option to change the account in use under "Settings" - "Change Account”.

Your username can generally only be changed under special circumstances. Your Password can be changes under "Settings". If you ever need to change your registered e -mail address or ever want to delete your account permanently, then please get in touch with us via our e -mail support.
3. My storage area is already full. Will the resources I bought be credited to me?
Do not worry. If you get raw materials as part of your ruby package purchase, then your storage will be ”over filled” and no resources are lost.
4.What options are there to get gold coins?
You get coins for the collection of taxes. To collect taxes, you simply send out the tax collector. Furthermore, there are coins given as a reward for fulfilling quests, defeating robber baron castles and for successfully defending your own castle. When buying the larger ruby package coins will be given as well as a bonus.
5. How do I get honor?
To get honor, you have to attack another player and win the fight. The current honor points of the targeted player must not be too low, otherwise you get little to no honor. At low levels, you also get honor from players who have no honor. Warning: If you attack much weaker opponents, you will lose honor, rather than getting honor.
6. I have the protection mode enabled. Why recruit my units for several hours?
If you do you are in protection mode then you cannot start an attack without cancelling the protection. Offensive units and tools are manufactured at a slower rate. This remains even if you break the protection mode. Any recruitment started during protection needs to be stopped and restarted in order to produce units and tools at the normal speed after protection is over.

The protection mode has a lead time of 24 hours and can be reactivated after being cancelled only once a further 48 hours has passed. Remember that all the castles and outposts, with the exception of resource villages are protected by the protection mode.
7. How can I play on a different server?
If you have saved your account, it is possible to change the world you play in. This possibility exists between USA 1 and USA 2. If you do not know how to save your account please see FAQ Question 2 However, it is not possible to move your game progress to other servers.
8. What are resource villages and how can I find them?
Resource villages can be conquered in the other kingdoms from level 25. The number of villages depends on the number of active players. So, the more players playing on the server, the higher the total number of resource villages. Once captured a village will increase your production values .
9. None of these answers fit my question. What can I do now?
10. What is the privacy policy?
The privacy policies and terms and conditions can be found under
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