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  • 1. How can I change the name of my castle/flag?
    You can change your castle name via the Management menu. Changing your flag can be done by simply clicking on your coat of arms in the top left corner and choosing the new design.
  • 2. What are commanders and spies for?
    What is the purpose of Commanders and Spies?
    Commanders allow you to send your soldiers to battles. Upgrade your encampment so that you have more commanders available!
    With the help of looted items you can equip your commanders to increase their effectiveness.

    Once you reach level 7, you can construct taverns. Taverns accommodate your available spies. With spies you can spy on other castles and also robber baron castles. Build several taverns and upgrade them to increase the amount of spies you have.
    There are two types of espionage: Military Espionage shows the troops (and their composition) and the tools that your spy saw. Economic Espionage shows the amount of resources that a castle/rbc has.

    You can also set your spy to sabotage. By sabotage, your spy will set fire to dwellings and establishments undetected. If your spy is caught the lord of the castle will know who tried to sabotage his buildings.
    For Espionage and Sabotage: The more spies you have, the lower the probability that you will be caught. You also increase the chance of success, when the value of the accuracy of your espionage is lower or the amount of damage inflicted in lower.
    You can protect yourself against enemy spies by building guardhouses. More city guards reduces the chance of success for your opponent.
  • 3. How do I become a member of an alliance?
    You can become a member of an alliance in various ways, the easiest of which being to search for open alliances using the in-game button.
    To join some of the other existing alliances, you may need an invitation from a member of that alliance who also has the necessary rights to do this.
    Alternatively, you can found your own alliance.
  • 4. How do I obtain gold coins?
    You can acquire coins by collecting taxes. To collect taxes, simply send out your tax collector.
    You can also receive coins as a reward for completing quests, victories over robber baron castles, and by successfully defending your own castle.
    When you buy rubies, you will also receive coins as a bonus when you buy a large pack.
  • 5. How can I obtain rubies?
    You can buy rubies for real money in the payment shop. You can also acquire rubies from various in-game quests that aren't marked with an “XP” symbol, and through leveling up. You also receive 300 rubies as part of the welcome gift. Rubies can also be acquired as a login bonus, from one of the chests.
  • 6. How do I start over again, and can I transfer my account to another world?
    It is not possible to transfer accounts to other worlds; the same also applies to payments; these cannot be transferred either.
    To start over, you can either wait until your account expires; at lower levels this takes a week, and up to 30 days at higher levels. You can also ask Support to cancel your account. Once you have received confirmation of your cancelation, you can use your old email address and register again. You cannot do this beforehand, as you may be blocked for creating multiple accounts!
  • 7. Can I play in several worlds?
    Yes! As the worlds are in no way connected, you can have one account per world and can therefore be an active player in several worlds. However, you can only have one account for each world; if you have more than one per world, you may be blocked!
  • 8. Can I be banned for making a threat or an insult?
    Attack threats are not considered as an infringement of the rules provided they don't spill out into the real world to become actual rather than virtual threats.

    For example:
    A message like: “If you don’t send me 100 food a day, then I’ll attack you until you burn.” is acceptable, but “Tell me where you live, I’m coming round…” is considered unacceptable.
  • 9. How can I receive honor?
    To receive honor, you have to attack another player and win the battle. The current honor points of that player shouldn’t be too low compared to your own, or you will receive little or no honor.
    At the lower levels you also receive honor from players who have no honor at all. It’s important to note that if you attack much weaker players, you will lose honor instead of gaining it.
  • 10. How do I trade?
    You must own a Marketplace before you can trade resources, which you can build from level 9.

    You can increase the capacity of your market barrows by completing research (from the research tower) or purchasing a capacity increase from the King’s Market.

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